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Welcome to my web site. I hope that you will find my reviews and articles regarding the world of Cigars, Real Ale & Craft Beers.

I first became interested in Cigars around 2006, and probably spent way too many hours and funds smoking the finest what Cuba, Nicaragua & The Dominican Republic has to offer. Hey ho we live in a free country (for the most part!). It certainly has become tougher in the last five or ten years with the nanny state constantly trying to squeeze the rights of the average smoker, but as long as we stick together, establishments in the UK will open areas for the Cigar smoker.

The first few months involved sampling as many Robusto and Petit Corona sized Cigars. Some of the Cigars I sampled in those early days that fell in love with included the Partagas D4, & Ramon Allones Specially Selected.

My favourite Cigars

Bolívar Petit Corona

Bolívar Petit Coronas

My go to smoke. Never lets me down. I always have at least a box of these in the humidor at all times. I was heartbroken when Habanos SA decided to axe the cabinets of fifty of this vitola. What a shame.

Ramon Allónes Specially Selected

Ramon Allones Specially Selected

Partagás Serie D No. 4

Partagas Serie D No. 4

When I first started smoking cigars, there were a few brands and vitolas that I enjoyed a lot. Bolívar and Ramon Allónes are two, whilst the other was Partagás. One vitola that stood out most of all was the Partagás Serie D No. 4.

I found production between 2005 and 2008 to be exceptional, however quality seemed to dip for a few years. Boxes I have smoked from 2012 onwards hints to the fact that the Serie D No. 4 may be having somewhat of a renaissance.