Back on the Poker trail

The quest to hit SuperNova status on PokerStars before the end of the year begins today.

Over the last three months or so I've been neglecting one of my favourite pastimes, online and live Poker. I had a little bit of a slump at the end beginning of September so I concentrated on other things, leaving Poker on the sidelines.

Things have changed.

A few days ago I deposited $300 into my PokerStars account. I'll be playing primarily $0.5/1 Limit and Sit 'n Go's with some tournaments thrown in for good measure. I'm currently trying to move away from Fixed Limit to the No-Limit Arena when it comes to cash games.

I'll be charting my progress through the blog. Hopefully my little Poker rejuvenation will be positive and I will have some good progress to report over the next twelve months of 2011.

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