A Quick Smoke - El Rey de Mundo Choix Supreme & Wye Valley's Butty Bach

A Saturday night at the Fox & Hounds, with a pint of Wye Valley's Butty Bach and a El Rey de Mundo Choix Supreme.

Saturday night's smoke is one of the best light to medium bodied Cuban Robusto’s on the market, the El Rey de Mundo Choix Supreme.

Whenever it’s a sunny day, I cannot think of any other Cigar that I would prefer smoking than the Choix Supreme. The flavour profile is mainly honey sweetness laced with some buttery elements, that is not harsh or full bodied. The Cigar can be paired with many types of alcoholic drinks, whether it is a glass of Champagne, a pint of golden Real Ale, or a light, floral Whiskey.

I’m pairing the Cigar with Wye Valley Brewery’s Butty Bach. With the caramel sweetness of the Ale, I’m hoping that this will compliment the hints of honey from the Choix Supreme.

Finding an empty bench in the pub’s Beer Garden, I began lighting up the Choix Supreme.

What a great Cigar these are. Cheaper than the many other Cuban Robusto’s available, this matches and sometimes surpasses many of the more expensive Cigar’s available, such as a Romeo y Julieta Exhibition 4, Ramon Allones Specially Selected and the Cohiba Robusto.

The El Rey de Mundo Choix Supreme resting on top of a pint of Wye Valley’s Butty Bach

Honey, some sugary sweetness, and a buttery finish all combines together into an excellent smoke.

If you are a fan of the Cohiba Robusto, I would suggest the El Rey de Mundo Choix Supreme as a cheaper alternative.

Into the second half of the The El Rey de Mundo Choix Supreme.

92 points.

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