Tonight's drinks - McEwans Champion and Hopback Summer Lightning

A Thursday evening's Real Ale selections to review for my Tasting Notes section.

Although I'm not quite sure what Cigar I will be smoking this evening, I do however know what I will be drinking.

Bottles of McEwans Champion Ale and Hopback Summer Lightning

First up, a drink that's probably well known to most Real Ale enthusiasts, is the Hopback Brewery Summer Lightning. A winner of many CAMRA awards of over the last couple of years, this is a Golden Ale that is 5% ABV.

Secondly, we have McEwans Champion. At a whopping 7,4% ABV, I'm expecting it to be goodnight Vienna after a pint of this. Or if this doesn't put me to sleep, the panellists on Question Time will.

I'll review both drinks in my Tasting Notes pages over the forthcoming days.

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