Tonight's Drinks - Teignworthy Beachcomber and Castle Rock's Harvest Pale

An evening of Real Ale with a Cigar - two Golden Brew's are represented by Beachcomber by Teignworthy and Harvest Pale by Castle Rock

As usual, I'm not sure which Cigar I'm going for tonight, but I've got my two Beer's ready for This Week - Beachcomber and Harvest Pale.

Beachcomber - Teignworthy

I don't know much about the Teignworthy Brewery. I cannot recall trying any of their beer's so this is going to somewhat interesting. This beer is Bottled Conditioned, so it's one of those slow pour moments. From reading the notes on the rear of the bottle, Teignworthy describe Beachcomber as a Golden Brew, with citrus tones with hints of Blackcurrant. They state that they're trying to please both Lager and Real Ale drinkers with this Beer, by being light on the palate. Going to be interesting if they pull this off. Hopefully there's enough 'happening' to interest me, the Real Ale drinkers while being Lager drinker friendly. Really looking forward to this beer.

Harvest Pale - Castle Rock

The Castle Rock Brewery have really made inroads in the last few years, with their quality beers, and heavy promotion of their range. The last time I sampled Harvest Pale, was at the Carmarthen Beer Festival, where I thought it was a solid Golden Ale, but not much else, as I was intoxicated at the time. I'm hoping tonight I'll be able fill in the gaps and give this Real Ale a proper review.

Well, it looks like the battle of the golden coloured Ale's tonight. Which one is going to triumph? I'm hoping that Beachcomber does really well, what they suggest on the bottle sounds like they may end up pleasing either party. Hopefully this is not the case.

For the Cigar, I really don't have that much choice regarding what I'm going to smoke. It may be a trusty Bolivar Coronas Extras, the same Cigar I smoked for last week's video review, or it maybe something a little rarer. But it might not be the right time to smoke something from my 'special section'. Oh lordy.

Bottles of Teignworthy's Brewery Beachcomber and Castle Rock's Harvest Pale
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