A 96 Point Cigar - The Cohiba Behike 54

Over the new year's period I smoked possibly the best Cuban Cigar I have ever been privilaged to try - the Cohiba Behike 54.

Sometimes you smoke a Cigar that you know is special however you try and keep the sense of anticipation and excitement down to a minimum because in the back of your head, you know that you're going to be a little disappointed.

We've all been there. A friend of yours has suggested this newest release, straight from the roller's table, that's meant to the best thing since the triple cap. However, when you get round to smoking it, it's never as wonderful as everyone else had made it out to be.

Well, was I surprised.

The other night I decided to bust out a Cigar I've been saving for a certain moment in time where I can just relax and leave all of the world's troubles just pass me by. Luckily, it was a long weekend over the New Year's period and I had no pre-arranged chores to carry out. So it was time to get the Cohiba 54 out of the Presentation Pack and smoke the damn thing.

All three Cohiba Behike's resting on top of the presentation box
         they came in

With Thornbridge's Russian Imperial Stout and the Rush documentary Beyond the Lighted Stage as company, I began.

Almost two hours later, the Behike was finished. All I can say is, what a Cigar. I've heard so many things about the Behike range, how much people had rated all three sizes. I've smoked two of the Behike 52 in the past, One I scored 92 and the 90, however this Cigar was in a different league. You know that heavenly plane that you don't get often in your smoking life but you know it when you're experiencing it? It was like that when I was smoking the 52.

I scored the Behike 54 96 points. With a couple of years of ageing this Cigar will be complete package. The only two things that held it slightly was the burn was a little off at some points during smoking, but were easily corrected. The other was there a little bit of complexity lacking in the final third however when the Cigar mellows a little in the next few years the strength will quieten down slightly, with the more subtle flavours coming through.

I've still got the 52 and the 56 to smoke from the box. I'm looking forward to trying the 56 just to see where it fits in relation to the 52 and 54. The 54 is stronger than the 52, so will the 56 be stronger? Or will it be more suave? One thing for certain, I can't wait to try it out!

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