Rugby Six Nations, Personal Fitness and a Montecristo Petit Edmundo

After a two hour session at the Gym, it was back to watch the Rugby Six Nations, Ireland vs Wales. With a Montecristo Petit Edmundo to square things off.

I'm sitting here watching the first match of Wales' campaign in this year's Rugby Six Nations against Ireland. And I have a smile on my face because of three things - not only because Wales just scored a Try (nice one Jonathan) and that I'm about to light up a Montecristo Petit Edmundo, but I've had another good workout in the gym this afternoon.

I spent one hour and sixteen minutes on the treadmill, managing to run in total fourteen kilometres. I've been slowly building the length of time I have been running from forty five minutes to an hour and now a hour and fifteen minutes over the last four months or so. You may think I'm crazy running that length of time, but stick some of your favourite songs on your portable music player and just start running!

Although I don't drink or eat as much as one would think. I do like a good Beer however I'm far from being a session drinker. Give me three or four pints and it's goodnight Vienna. However, it's important that when you portray yourself as one who enjoys alcoholic drinks and Cigars that you look after yourself and ensure that you portray the industry your representing in it's best light. Remember, It's important that you look after yourself and not to push that stereotype as Beer drinkers with big bellies.

So I exercise as much as possible for a couple of reasons. Along with overall fitness, I can fit into good clothes and feel good about myself, it's important to ensure that you look after yourself generally.

Maybe this blog post has gone a little off track. It's twenty minutes into the Rugby match and I have yet to light up the Petit Edmundo. But sometimes it's nice to blow your own trumpet per se when it comes to your personal goals and targets.

Right, back to this Petit Edmundo and the Six Nations...

Montecristo Petit Edmundo
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