Fresh on these shores and already the Bolívar Britanicas are getting people talking

Anyone who follows Twitter or UK based Cigar forums will have heard that the Great Britain Regional Edition, the Bolivar Britanicas have just been released. Here are initial thoughts.

They have only been on UK shores for the last few days, and already the Bolivar Britanicas are causing a ripple of excitement throughout the UK Cigar smoking community.

The only retailer who have the Bolivar Britanias in stock currently is the La Casa de Habanos in Teddington, London. Because they are a Casa, the store receives Regional and Limited Editions around a week earlier than other retailers. Also, they are able to stock and sell La Casa de Habanos exclusive Cigars, like the H. Upmann Royal Robusto and the Partagas Salamones.

Whether the Bolivar Britanicas lives up to the hype is another matter. I'm hoping to purchase a few singles for review in the next few days. It will be interesting to see if they are Bolivar-esque in flavour and whether the perfecto shape of the Cigar brings anything to the table.

I'll be looking to smoke the Bolivar Britanicas with an open mind. Regional Editions sometime disappoint. Sometimes they are great. The Por Larranaga Regalias del Londres; poor. The La Flor de Cano Short Robusto; good. I'm hoping the Britanicas has a good amount of Bolivar 'kick', with nice earthy and leather flavours, that indicate that there's enough going on there so they can be aged for a few years.

The price point for the Bolivar Britanicas is 'fair'. For around £14 a stick, they should be in reach for anyone who wants to buy two or three singles to smoke when they fancy something a little special. Fingers crossed that they have a certain specialness to them.

It will be interesting when the blogging and reviewing community along with the general Cigar smoker get their hands on this Regional Edition. I'm looking forward to hearing about how this Cigar is smoking and what the general concensus is.

I'll be writing about everyone's thoughts on this blog. Watch this space.

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