Sunday Morning Smoking - El Rey de Mundo Choix Supreme

I don't usually dive into the Humidor and pick up a Cigar for a quick morning smoke. Today however, whether it was the planet's aligning or the just the girlfriend being at work, I decided to spark up a stogie.

One of my favourite daytime smokes is the El Rey de Mundo Choix Supreme. For some reason, I always think of this light to medium bodied Cigar as a sunrise smoke. It has very light, tingly flavours that make you want to feel good and get moving. Some Cigars are there to end the evening on. This is the kind of Cigar to get you started.

A El Rey de Mundo Choix Supreme and some White Coffee

The flavour profile is mainly a summery mix of honey, floral notes, with some creaminess. I love this smoke. Because it's not a powerhouse or a Cohiba it sometimes get forgotten. These will make an excellent addition to your humidor.

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