Celebrating 108 years with the Spanish Bolívar Regional Edition

Along with the Rafael González Perlas, I managed to obtain a few Bolívar 108's, the 2010 Regional Edition for Spain. I take a closer look at this Cuban Cigar.

Along with the Rafael González Perlas, I managed to obtain a few singles of the Bolívar 108, the 2010 Regional Edition for Spain.

When I received the Bolívar 108, I was surprised with the shade of wrapper. With the brands that are known for their bolder flavour profile, you'd expect the wrappers to be dark and brooding. With the Bolívar 108's however, the shade is light and transparent. It would be interesting to find out if all the wrappers are of this shade, or the Bolívar 108's that I received were from a box of lighter shade Cigars.

When I first read about the Bolívar 108, I wondered "why 108?" What's with that number? Well, it's to celebrate the 108 years since the founding of the Bolívar brand. It tickled me a bit, as it seems the Cubans love to make every year a celebration. Well, I'm cool with that.

I've always been a sucker for the Corona Gorda size, and here we are with the Bolívar 108. A regional edition will never be able to replace a regular production stick. I'll have to continue to mourn the Bolivar Corona Extra for a little while longer, until Habanos SA decide to fill that gap.

I've shot a little video blog just to look at the Bolívar 108 in a little more detail:

Look forward here on SteveGriff.com for a Cigar Review of the Bolívar 108 in the forthcoming days...

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