Bombed by Nathan and the G-Man

Here's my video blog on two Cigar Bombs that have come my way over the last few weeks.

Hey all, just taking some time out to tell you all about two Cigar Bombs that have landed on my door step in the last two weeks!

G-Man and his quad Cigar bomb!

First up, G-Man, a brother of the leaf who is active on many Cigar forums across Cyber space, bombed me four interesting stogies from across the pond.

Each of the four Cigars are different and quirky in their own right. First up, the biggest of the bunch, Big Boy, is a behemoth of a Cigar. Next, is the 147 Tax Evader, a torpedo shaped Cigar.

Last but not least, the smallest Cigar in the package is the Stugot. This little Devil is named after Tony Soprano's boat from the Sopranos. Allegedly Stugot is the Italian for Balls!. Lets hope that these Stugot's don't have a salty twang to them...

G-Man's Four Cigar Bomb.
G-Man's Four Cigar Bomb.

Nathan's Stugot and Bolivar Bolívar Finos bomb!

Fellow Welshman Nathan sent an interesting package of Cuban and Non-Cuban Cigars the last week. I was really happy to find in the package a Bolívar Belicosos Finos. One of the most interesting in the Bolivar marquee, I'm looking forward to not only smoking this beautiful looking Cigar, but reviewing it also!

Second up in Nathan's sneaky little package is a couple of Stugot's. In a stretch of two weeks, I've been bombed a couple of Stugots from two locations... reading from posts online they've had a good number of positive reviews. One thing for certain, I'm not one to shy way from getting my face on camera and spill out my thoughts onto YouTube. Yessir... video review coming it's way!

A Bolívar Belicosos Finos and two Stugot's.
A Bolívar Belicosos Finos and two Stugot's.
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