Thoughts on the La Flor de Cano Short Robusto

The 2010 United Kingdom Regional Edition makes it's belated release a year late. Has the hold ups killed the anticipation enthusiasts had for this remake of a famous Cigar?

After a year of waiting, the second 2010 United Kingdom Regional Edition, the La flor de Cano Short Robusto makes it's long awaited appearance this month. There has been no real definitive reason why the release has been delayed for so long - from memory one article I read mentioned shipping was delayed once or twice. But alas, the Short Robusto is here and is about to make an appearance, being launched at the Hunters and Frankau 2011 Summer Cigar Party on Thursday, the 23rd June at The Langham Hotel.

Short Robusto Dimensions and History

The La Flor De Cano Short Robusto is modelled on a long discontinued Cigar from the same brand, the Short Churchill. The Short Churchill measures in at 4.9" x 50 ring gauge vs the Short Robusto's 4" x 50 ring gauge. So, the change of name of the Regional Edition is consistent with the length of the Cigar. I'm not sure why Hunters and Frankau couldn't have made the Regional Edition the same length as the Short Churchill and called it the same name however...

If the name and size of the Cigar are not the same, then one thing Hunters and Frankau are hoping is that the blend will be. This is one thing that none of us can comment at at this time as the Short Robusto has not yet been released. But all indications are pointing towards that the blend is reminiscent of the Short Churchill it is based on, and the blend is a good one. This could be marketing speak, but it won't be long before we can make up our own minds...

Am I interested in the release?

Well, the answer is yes and no! Firstly, I'm not a big fan of these Regional Editions. There are many criticisms globally on the whole regarding the Regional Edition releases amongst Cigar aficionados. Firstly, the blend that they produce for the brand is not indicative of the taste profile as a whole. For example, I've smoked many Bolivar Regional Editions that don't taste like Bolivar's if you know what I mean. They seem to be medium in body, and Bolivar's aren't meant to be like that.

I'm not too fused on that this Cigar is on the short side. As long as it's flavourful and reasonibly priced I don't mind. However, I think we can only forgive Habanos SA once for the huge mistake that was the Trinidad Short Robusto T limited edition from 2010...

When a Cigar importer for a specific country is asked by Habanos SA to draw up the size and blend for their regional edition, they will go for what they think sells. It doesn't seem as if Habanos SA say 'no' to what the importer wishes to release.

However, something that Hunters and Frankau seem to do well is get a 'legendary' cigar from yesteryear released. These legendary releases started with the Por Larranaga Magnificos and then it followed on with the Juan Lopez Selección Suprema, the Por Larranaga Regalias de Londres and now onto the La Flor de Cano. So them releasing an old Cigar with the blend being close to the original will always interest me.

Remember, you can still get hold of Por Larranaga's and Juan Lopez to understand the blend and taste profile. With the La Flor de Cano however, when do you get the chance to smoke a Cigar from that vitola? Hopefully Hunters and Frankau will deliver with the Short Robusto. It will be an embarrassment if the reality doesn't match the hype. Here's to hoping.

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