Diplomaticos Seleccion Privida - Cigars Being Smoked

My first tasting of this Spanish Regional Edition was an interesting affair. However, by the time I starting enjoying the smoke it had nearly already finished...

Smoked a Diplomaticos Seleccion Privida that I have been gifted in the last week or so. I have two in my possession so the second one will be smoked this weekend as basis of a full blown review (with all the trimmings... mmmm trimmings).

Most of you would probably know that the Seleccion Privida is a Regional Edition that was specifically made for the Spanish market in 2012. The Cigar finally got released at the tail end of 2012, and they come in wooden boxes of ten. Five thousand boxes made in all. This is the first Diplomaticos Regional Edition. Good to see IMO.

First thing I'd like to mention is that in hindsight was smoking the Cigar at the wrong time of the day. This was in the evening after a somewhat large meal with a glass of red wine. No doubt the flavour profile had possibly been tainted somewhat by my palette being over exposed with the food and drink I had consumed in the last few hours.

However, the Cigar itself when it came down to smoking sure did have that Diplomaticos flavour profile. Nougat, marshmallow, cream and nutty flavours came to the fore. There was even some mild spiciness there. The Cigar being a short Robusto, looked a bit odd being a Diplomaticos, but was an interesting smoke nonetheless. The Cigar was a bit "bonkers" over the period I smoked it, the flavours flying back and fore. A little time to rest will hopefully tame the flavours within. The Cigar got a little harsh and toasty towards the end, but overall was quite enjoyable. A good after-lunch smoke I'd recommend. With this vitola, you feel sometimes that by the time you're in fifth gear and enjoying the smoke the Cigar is nearly over, and this is what happened here. The mid section and towards the final third were pretty good.

Good smoke, no doubt better when it gets the rest it deserves.


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