Cohiba Behike 56 - Cigars Being Smoked

The best way to celebrate a milestone is by smoking a premium Cigar, and none come much bigger than the Cohiba Behike 56.

I had a cause for celebration on Sunday as it was my partner and I four year anniversary. What better way to celebrate is with a Cigar and some Champagne? The Cigar in question was the Cohiba Behike 56. Pairing the smoke will be a Bollinger Special Cuvee Champagne.

The Behike has been resting in my humidor for over a year. The Cigar originally came in a case alongside the Behike 52 and 54. However those two Cigar's have been long smoked; and how great were they. From the top of my head the 52 received 93 points from myself, while the 54 was given a whopping 96 points. One of the best Cigars I have smoked in a good few years.

Onto the smoking... well, lets get the technicalities of the smoke out of the way. The burn was razor sharp, no problems in that department. The draw was nearly spot on perfect. I felt that it may have been a touch loose, but it was far from a wind tunnel, so no issues there. The flavour profile of the Cigar disappointed me a little. While the Behike 52 and 54 hit the ground running, it took the 56 somewhat into the second third for the flavour profile to start kicking in. This Cigar doesn't seem as if it delivers on flavour as it's Behike brothers...

The flavours of the Behike 56 were typical Cohiba. That grassiness, along with a little bit of honey and caramel. However, the flavour I associate with the medio tiempo leaf that is only used within the blending of the Cohiba Behike range did appear, but no-where as prominent as I remembered from other smaller sized Behike's that I remembered.

Scoring, I can't really give this Cigar anymore than 91/100. Do I feel that I'm being a little harsh with the scoring? Possibly... but a Cigar of this price point needs to deliver and I felt it just did not hit those high notes that I'd expect of the vitola. At least the 52 and 54's are good.

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