A wonderful Vegas Robaina Unicos

One of the lesser known Pirámides shaped vitolas on the Habanos roster, the Vegas Robaina Unicos showed this evening why this fantastic cigar should not be ignored.

One of my favourite current Pirámides along with the Montecristo No. 2 and the Bolívar Belicosos Finos is the Vegas Robaina Unicos. Along with San Cristóbal , the Vegas Robaina brand doesn't get much fanfare whilst the vitolas available within the range hold up against other, more popular Cuban brands. A few months ago I purchased a 2011 box of Unicos, to compliment my other Pirámides sized vitolas within the humidor. I've always been a fan of the Unicos - on the palate the predominant flavour is milky, latte coffee. The Unicos I smoked on Friday night was no exception.

This Unicos is the fourth cigar I've smoked from that 2011 box. The first one I smoked, was easily the best cigar I have smoked this year so far. I rated it an easy 94 points, with the potential to hit 96 or 97 in the next few years. The next two I had smoked over the weeks were not as good, maybe hitting the 89/90 point mark but unfortunately neither had the spark needed to hit the heights of the first Unicos I had smoked before them.

This Unicos however, whereas not quite reaching the 94 point mark, came pretty damn close. The build and draw on this one was exceptional (the other three were fantastic too). The smoke started off somewhat mild, the coffee flavours coming through were massaging the palate than covering it. There was an easy going feeling to the first half of the Unicos, where you needed to concentrate somewhat in order to get the most out of the cigar and it's flavour profile.

Vegas Robaina Unicos

The second half of the Unicos kicked it up a notch however, with more dominant, robust coffee notes coming to the fore but whilst sticking to it's roots as a smooth, milky, latte coffee flavoured cigar. Fantastic! Whilst I would score the first half of this Unicos around 91 points, the second half pushed up the score to around 92 or even 93.

I thoroughly enjoy the Vegas Robaina Unicos, maybe more than other Pirámides shaped cigars such as the Partagás Serie P No. 2 and the Montecristo No. 2. I can see the Unicos being either a mid afternooon / early evening cigar or even a night smoke if you think that your palette may be in a position to fully enjoy the cigar flavour profile. If you haven't tried the Unicos before, then I would suggest purchasing a single or two and lighting one up.

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