A Quick Smoke: Bolivar Coronas Extra

Monday night has meant Game of Thrones for the last ten weeks. And what best way to watch such quality television is with a good drink and a Cuban Cigar?

Monday night has meant Game of Thrones in the smoking room the past ten weeks. Tonight is the season finale, so it was time to kick back and watch the last episode for this year unfold. And what best way to watch such quality television is with a good drink and a Cuban Cigar?

I can't tell you enough how much I've gotten into this drama from HBO over the last two to three months. Game of Thrones is not forgiving for the characters who play a part in each episode. I'm not going to give much away for anyone who is only starting to watch the series, but just be prepared to get hooked and indulge yourself in the classic storytelling.

Along with watching the series, I've borrowed the book to read from a colleague at work. I've regretted not reading the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Maybe I should start reading now, why not do today what you've been meaning to do tomorrow and all that, or however it goes...

I've been reading the first book whenever I get the chance. This usually means digesting a few chapters every night, sitting in a hot bath, letting the natural healing abilities of heat, water and relaxation fade the aches and pains of legs being pushed to the limit after an hour's workout on the jogging machine. Hey, I have to work off the calories from drinking all these lovely Real Ale's that I've been consuming somehow, right?

Anyhow, back to the primary subject of this blog post. Pairing Game of Thrones was a lovely Espresso with a Bolivar Coronas Extra. I've recently bought a box of these and I'm already smoking my way through them like there's no tomorrow. I'm loving the profile of this vitola; their not as strong as other Bolivars, such as the Petit Corona or the Belicosos Finos, but they do have a leathery kick, and they work well with a strong Espresso.

Bolivar Coronas Extras

Along with the flavour profile, I really love the size of the Corona Extras vitola. They're long enough to last at least an hour, up until an hour and a half if you smoke them slowly and carefully enough. The Bolivar Petit Corona, although my all time favourite Cigar, is great for watching a forty minute episode, of lets say, Mad Men, but when you're sitting through almost an hour of Game of Thrones or any other sixty minute drama or movie, you want that Cigar to last just a little longer.

Bolivar Coronas Extras resting on top of a cup of Espresso

Possibly the best I've had from the box yet. 92 points.

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