Ramon Allones 8-9-8, 2014 German Regional Edition Released

This week sees the release of the Ramon Allones 8-9-8, the long awaited 2014 Regional Edition for the German market.

The last few weeks has been interesting in terms of new Cuban Cigar releases. A few weeks ago we saw the arrival of the Ramon Allónes Club Allones, the second limited edition for this year, along with Romeo Y Julieta Cedros de Luxe, a La Casa Del Habano exclusive release. However, the most anticipated release of the year has no doubt been the long awaited 2014 Regional Edition for Germany, the Ramon Allónes 8-9-8. A recreation of a discontinued vitola from the same brand, the 8-9-8 has long been held in high regard of aficionados who remember the cigar.

The 8-9-8 is a Lonsdale sized cigar, measuring in at 170mm length and 43 ring gauge. It’s always interesting when a cigar of this size is released. Distributors can play it safe by commissioning, short, stubby cigars that will cater for a large segment of the market they supply, but credit to 5th Avenue, they are taking a calculated risk by releasing such a size. The risk seems to be paying off.

The last week has seen the 8-9-8 been released to the German market, with the La Casa Del Habano outlets receiving their first initial allocation. If you follow the major social networks, you will find that many of the hardcore aficionados snapping up this release by purchasing multiple boxes for both smoking in the short term and ageing the long term. I haven’t seen such anticipation and scramble buying for a regional edition outside the British Regional Editions. The Asian Pacific releases generates some excitement, but this is at another level.

I have been lucky enough to reserve a few singles of this cigar, and will be looking forward to sampling one in the next few weeks. I have also pencilled this cigar as my afternoon Christmas Day smoke; I hope it does not disappoint.

More information regarding the Ramon Allónes 8-9-8.

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