New in the Humidor - Ramon Allones Club Allones

One of two limited editions for 2015, the Ramon Allones Club Allones arrives in my humidor, just in time for the Christmas period.

Around this time of the year we look ahead to the holiday season; and if you're like me it’s a good time to line up what smokes will I be sampling over the period. I always try and fit the current year’s Limited editions into my rotation - with both the and Ramon Allónes Club Allones commonly available now is the time to get your purchases in.

This morning I received two boxes of the Club Allones through the post - both are box dated RAE JUL 15, so therefore they are very young and will obviously need a few years in general to hit their stride. However, I’m not one to not at least sample a single or two before laying them down for a long sleep!

Generally the Ramon Allones flavour profile consists mainly of a dark, stewed fruits. If this is the case with the Club Allones, and depending on whether the cigar is ready to smoke, could be a great Christmas or Boxing Day smoke.

The plan is to smoke this one weekend, to gauge the smoking characteristics of the cigar and compare with what other aficionados have written online via blogs and forums. I’ll write my thoughts on the Club Allones information page next week. If I feel that the cigar has some merit smoking over the holiday, then I will.

Assessing the two boxes in my possession, I must admit I do like size of this cigar when I place it in my hand. Not too dissimilar in size to 2014’s limited edition, the Bolivar Super Coronas, a cigar that I do love and one that I smoke from time to time if I do fancy a treat. The unlit aroma of the Club Allones is one of hay and sweet tobacco notes that you find usually in darker wrapper cigars. There is however, a note of ammonia that does trouble me a little, that may be a big negative as I will be sampling this cigar with very little age.

However, I cannot fault the construction, they do look magnificent. The Club Allones band I can take it or leave it. It adds very little and it’s nowhere near as exciting looking as the old style white band that can be found on the Ramon Allones Allones Extra or Torpedo. But the aesthetics only tell us less than half the story, let me report back next week when I’ve finally smoked one!

A box of Ramon Allónes Club Allones. A box of Ramon Allónes Club Allones. A box of Ramon Allónes Club Allones. The back of a box of Ramon Allónes Club Allones, code RAE JUL 15. An open box of Ramon Allónes Club Allones.
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