Question Time, This Week and a Cigar.

Thursday nights are about political debate, Blue Nun and a Cuban Cigar. And possibly satin shirts.

Thursday's are one of my favourite night's for a drink and a Cigar. Along with a good Habanos and a fine alcoholic beverage, there are two shows back-to-back that provide the scene for my late night television - Question Time & This Week.

Some of you guys (and girls) might be putting their hand over their mouth and letting out a big yawn, but I'm one of those amateur armchair political pundits (amateur like this Cigars and Real Ale blog you might hasten to add) who likes a good debate. I'm not huge into politics, but as you get older, you understand more that the decisions made at government trickles down to effect you.

There's not many shows that make me turn on the television at a set time any more. Most of the shows that I watch these days I find on the Internet via BBC iPlayer or a download.

Question Time is a little bit like a warm-up. Depending on the guests, it can be incredibly fun, or incredibly dull. Sometimes you have to take that chance. For example, tonight we have amongst others, John Redwood, Fern Britton and David Mitchell. The other two guests, meh, they're politicians that aren't really at the forefront of the public eye. If I don't know them, I would hazard to guess that you won't either.

However, we may have some kind of banter between David Mitchell and John Redwood. Who knows. Fingers crossed. It would seem that Redwood would be the kind of person Mitchell would detest enough to have a few cracks at...

After Question Time, we have This Week. Fronted by Andrew Neil with regular guest Michael Portillo, they go through the week's news stories including segments from other guests from the world of politics and entertainment.

The drink of choice while watching is Blue Nun. Andrew advises that you have the Blue Nun Reserve edition...

It's all light hearted and in good spirits. It's not as heavy as Question Time, but Question Time is as heavy as a pillow really. It's not exactly Andrew Marr on a Sunday morning...

Andrew Neil is supposedly a brother of the leaf, however there isn't any information on the web about what Cigars he regularly or irregularly smokes.

These two programs set the backdrop to almost two hours of smoking. It's a nice way to unwind before a Friday that you can wake up to a little happier that you had a nice evening smoking and that the weekend is nearly upon you.

If you're on Twitter one Thursday night and Question Time & This Week is on, grab a Cigar out of the Humidor and herf with me. I'll be active on Twitter, let me know what you're smoking and what you think of the debate.

One day, whenever I retire in the murky decades of the future, I may end up watching BBC Parliament all day with a Johnny Walker and a Guantanamera. Lets hope not.

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