Bolívar Británicas UK Regional Edition arriving in March?

One of the two Regional Editions for 2011, the Bolivar Britanicas looks to be arriving in March. Although no sign as of yet of the Punch Medalla d'Oro.

After the arrival of the Montecristo No. 2 Gran Reserva on UK shores, some more good news. Over on the CGars LTD website, Mitchell Orchant has mentioned on his blog that he expects the 2011 Great Britain Regional Edition, the Bolivar Britanicas to be with us sometime early March.

If this holds out to be true, then this is great news, as we have been long overdue for this Regional Release. While other countries started to receive their Regional Releases in September / October, the United Kingdom and a few other countries have had to hold out until the New Year for their Regional Edition to hit their borders.

Name Brand Vitola
Britanicas Bolivar Perfecto - 48 x 5 1/3"

This Perfecto will come in boxes of numbered boxes of ten. There will be three thousand boxes made in all.

Great Britain

One difference for the 2011 United Kingdom Regional Editions will be the name change on the bands. Instead of Reino Unido will be Gran Bretana. If anyone knows the exact reason why Habanos SA / Hunters & Frankau are doing this then let me know.

Punch Medalla d'Oro

Although it seems that the Bolivar Britanicas will arrive soon, there has been not even a peep regarding the Punch Medalla d'Oro. Hopefully once we are closer to the release of the Bolivar's, we will hear a little more regarding the Medalla d'Oro.

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