La Escepción Selectos Finos - 2011 Italian Regional Edition

One of the more interesting releases from 2011, this Regional Edition resurrects a discontinued Cigar brand renowned for it's strong, no-nonsense blends.

The La Escepción brand

The Regional Edition series allows Cigar Importers to resurrect old brands from times gone past. During January 2012, the 2011 Regional Edition for Italy, the La Escepción Selectos Finos was released.

The La Escepción Cuban Cigar brand was founded in the 1850's, and was regarded as the sister brand of the Hoyo de Monterrey. Known for it's strong, no-nonsense flavour profile, the La Escepción were the strongest Cigar brand for a long long time.

Unfortunately, the brand was discontinued in the 1980's, possibly because the strong blends were not as in demand as they once were.

2011 Italy Regional Edition

If one brand would be resurrected for a Regional Edition release, then La Escepción would be it. I've found that many Regional Editions have been too light, however if they keep the blend of the Cigar to the original La Escepción recipe, then I can see a lot of happy Cigar smokers.

Name Brand Vitola
Selectos Finos La Escepción Parejos - 38 x 6.5"

This long slender Cigar should interest aficionado's due to the brand, and instead of being one of those big ring gauge Cigars that seems to be the rage all of a sudden.

The Selectos Finos comes in dress boxes of twenty five, and is limited to 2000 boxes only. I can see this being snapped up very quickly, so I suggest if you're interested I would source a box now.

I'm looking forward to getting my paws on at least one or two of these in anticipation that the blend will be something special. Fingers crossed eh?

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