French Regional Edition - Fonseca Amateur

Released by Coprova the distributor for the French market, the Fonseca Amateur is missing one of the hallmarks of the brand - the white tissue paper that adorns every cigar.

When you mention to anyone the Fonseca brand, the first thing that immediately springs to mind is the tissue paper that adorns every vitola of the brand. Not only were Fonseca the first to start doing this, this is the only brand currently using these paper wrappers.

However, it looks as if there has been a break in tradition for the 2011 French Regional Edition. The Fonseca Amateur comes in boxes of ten, with four thousand boxes made in all.

Name Brand Vitola
Amateur Fonseca Robusto Extra - 50 x 5.6"

It will be interesting to find out also if the blend has been altered somewhat too? Whether it will taste like a Fonseca, or they have gone a step further and maybe gone from light to medium in body. I can't wait to source this Cigar and smoke one.

As you can see from the image below, there's something so alluring about a Fonseca in the flesh. With the dark wrappers with a light oily sheen, no doubt these will be sought after by collections of Regional Editions worldwide.

A box of ten Fonseca Amateur's. Four thousand boxes will be made in all.
Photo courtesy of CubanCigarWebsite .
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