What's Smoking April 2012 - Juan López Seleccion No. 2

A look at the Juan Lopez Seleccion No. 2, a Cuban Robusto that has gained immense popularity over the last few years.

Juan López continues to be a niche brand amongst Cuba's Cigar family. Today, only three vitolas of the brands are in regular production - the Seleccion No. 1, Seleccion No. 2 and the Petit Corona. However, you mention to anyone who has tried any three of those Cigars, and you'd get most of the time a positive response.

The Seleccion No. 2, the Robusto size of the Juan López family has risen to prominence in the last few years. I can remember the turning point for the brand was around 2008 to 2009 where Cigar aficionado's starting to find that Cigar smoked very well when young and it's grassy, rustic flavours were hitting all the right notes.

The Juan López Seleccion No. 2.
Name Brand Vitola
Seleccion No. 2 Juan López Robusto 50 x 4.9"

Now fast forward a few years to the present day. The Seleccion No. 2 has gained vast amounts of popularity amongst Cigar smokers due to it's consistency. I've found that the boxes I have purchased the last few years have been ready to be smoked right out of the box.

A Cigar that had been a niche Robusto for a long long time has now risen the ranks to become one of the best Robusto to have been produced in Cuba in recent years.

One of the great things about the Juan López Seleccion No. 2 is that the Cigar comes in slide lid boxes of twenty five and fifty. This means that the Cigars come in a perfectly round, non box pressed shape, and secondly, that they come in the perfect storage facility for ageing. Not that these Cigars hang around too long however - I find myself smoking these much too quickly!

Juan López Seleccion No. 2 Flavour Profile

With all Juan López Cigars, there's a rustic, grassy element to them. A lot of tobacco, with woody, caramel flavours inbetween. Medium to full in terms of strength, the Seleccion #2 fits into that flavour profile where you want to smoke a Cigar that has a bit of oomph, nothing that's smooth or elegant, but with more of a mongrel element.

Final notes

I have found this Cigar to be more readily available in the past few years here in the UK. This is no doubt due to gaining popularity of the Cigar and improvement in quality. Mitchell Orchant at CGars LTD. also released a limited amount of boxes of this Cigar as part of his Orchant Selection range.

One extra plus point of this Cigar is it's price. The Juan López Seleccion No. 2 sits nicely in the medium price point when it comes to Robusto's. This offers excellent value for money.

So in conclusion, if you're looking for a Cigar that is ballsy, and has a little bit of fire in it's belly, then look no further than the Juan López Seleccion No. 2.

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