Hunters & Frankau Summer Cigar Party to return on Thursday, 31st May

The annual Summer Cigar Party includes the launch of the Punch Medalla d'Oro, the second 2011 Regional Edition for the United Kingdom.

The annual Hunters & Frankau Summer Cigar Party has been announced and is set place to take place at the The Langham Hotel, London on Thursday, 31st May between the hours of 6.30pm and 8.30pm.

Like previous years, the Summer Cigar Party gives Hunters & Frankau, the exclusive distributors of Cuban Cigars in the UK, the chance to showcase new releases, most often or not, new United Kingdom Regional Editions.

This year's Summer Cigar Party will include the launch of the 2011 United Kingdom Regional Edition, the Punch Medalla d'Oro. Launched in time for the London Olympics, these Cigars will be available in numbered boxes of ten and will be dressed in gold embossed foil!

Name Brand Vitola
Medalla d'Oro Punch Robusto Extra - 50 x 6.1"

There are no images currently available of the Punch Medalla d'Oro, however once they are released I will let you know here on

The evening will include Champagne, Cocktails, Canapes, a live Cuban brand and good old fashioned London hospitality. Plenty of like minded Cigar aficionado's will be there, including yours truly. So if the Summer Cigar Party sounds like your kind of thing, then I would suggest you pre-book your ticket!

Please contact Kasheena Lewis on 020 7471 8444 or email her on Tickets for the event are priced at £95.00 p/p and are extremely limited.

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