Opinions regarding the Bolívar Británicas

Now that the Bolivar Britanicas is available for purchase, reviews of this Cigar have started to emerge. Here's a round-up of the video reviews available on the Internet.

It's been now approximately a week since the 2011 Regional Edition for Great Britain was released. The Bolívar Británicas has had a few reviews on various online Cigar communities. It has been interesting so far, as every review has been different in terms the outcome of the smoke. Here are three Video Reviews that I have come across so far:

Aye Aye Reviews

Bill and Steve's reviews are always full of jolly Scottish playfulness, and their review of the Bolívar Británicas is no different.

Captain Quintero

Probably the unluckiest of the three reviews of the Bolívar Británicas I have seen, the first third of the Cigar was plagued with draw problems. Also, he's stuck outside having to review the Cigar with the rain blasting down around him!

Ajay Patel

Being the owner of a LCDH sure is a sweet occupation, especially when you're able to sample the newest Cuban Cigar releases before anybody else. Ajay Patel here gives one of the first public opinions of the Bolívar Británicas. The guy even swears on screen because of how well he thought the Bolívar Británicas will be given a few years ageing. That's how blown away he was!

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