Quintero Favoritos Launched

Habanos SA launches the Quintero Favoritos, a stout short filler Cigar with a hefty ring gauge. An interesting release, as it looks like Habanos are filling the gap in the market for a forty-five minute fifty ring gauge Cigar.

Habanos SA have just launched the Quintero Favoritos, a hand-rolled short filler Cigar, measuring in at 50 by 115mm.

Name Brand Vitola
Favoritos Quintero Concha No. 2 - 50 x 115mm

This Quintero Favoritos is quite interesting. Let me tell you why:

  • Firstly, the Quintero Favoritos is a fifty ring gauge Cigar. I'm not sure if Habanos have ever launched a fifty ring gauge short filler Cigar before. This hefty ring gauge keeps the recent trend of thick ring gauge Cigars.
  • The Favoritos come in boxes of twenty five, and are individually packaged in cellophane wrappers. Habanos SA started phasing out the practise of packaging Cigars in cellophane in 1992. No new Cigars are wrapped in cellophane. Why they have decided to re-introduce this technique I do not know.
  • The short filler technique used is recognised by the Regulating Council of Habanos Protected Denomination of Origin (D.O.P.) as another Habano-making technique. Other vitolas in the Quintero brand use this technique.
  • Tobacco leaves from the Vuelta Abajo and Semi Vuelta zones. The Semi Vuelta zones are well known for growing tobacco of medium strength.
  • Along with boxes of twenty five, the Quintero Favoritos will be launched in cardboard boxes of five.
A box of the Quintero Favoritos.
A box of the Quintero Favoritos.

There is no word on when boxes of the Quintero Favoritos will land in the major retailers, but if I do hear something, I will post some information here on SteveGriff.com.

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