The Trinidad Cuban Cigar Brand has not been discontinued

After the announcement by Christoph Wolters on this blog two days ago that the Trinidad brand had been discontinued, new news had come through that this wasn't true at all.

I bet Christoph Wolters wished he had not wrote anything on his The Cigar Smoker blog now. Two days ago, when he announced that Habanos SA had decided to discontinue the Trinidad Cuban Cigar Brand, the news spread like wildfire. However, what he was told by Habanos SA then is NOT what they're saying now.

The official line, according to Christoph is that the Trinidad Reyes, Coloniales & Fundadores will not be discontinued as previously told. The news from 2011, announcing that the Trinidad Robusto T and Robusto Extra will be discontinued this year stays.

The news that the Trinidad has not been discontinued has also been backed up by Ajay Patel of the La Casa del Habanos in Teddington, who has spoke to Habanos SA and has said the following:

The Trinidad is not going to be discontinued its going to be re-located on the range of habanos!

So for all you Trinidad fans, for now you can breathe a sigh of relief. There's no doubt that this brand is in trouble and at some point something will have to give.

With the (now false) announcement of the discontinuation, some retailers had put up their prices of the Trinidad Cigar's they had in stock. Talk about trying to cash in...

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