Cohiba Piramides Extra coming to a Cigar store near you soon!

David Savona over at the Cigar Aficionado Forums reveals that the Cohiba Piramides Extra will be available on general release sooner than you think.

Some interesting news from over the Cigar Aficionado Forums. A recent thread questioned when the Cohiba Piramides Extras would be available on general sale, David Savona popped in and mentioned:

I met with a person from Max Gutmann's team in Mexico over the weekend who says they have the cigars in country, but have yet to send them to cigar stores. So sooner than you might think, at least in Mexico.

This is great news. Most new releases from Habanos SA appear for general sale from mid-August onwards, so everything looks to be going to plan in perhaps at sampling at least one or two new smokes before the Summer ends.

There has been no solid reports on what price the Cohiba Piramides Extra will retail for. The only retailer as far as I know who have advertised the price for these Cigars before release has been CigarWorld, pricing them at €26.50 per single. A German online retailer, I would expect that the premium European markets, including the United Kingdom, will receive these new Cohiba's soon.

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