Señor Fidel Segui, Cigar Roller arrives in the United Kingdom

Senor Fidel Sequi arrives in the UK, where he will demonstrate the craftsmanship involved in rolling a Cuban Cigar.

Over the last few years, Hunters & Frankau, the UK importer of Cuban Cigars has invited a Cigar Roller onto these shores. Señor Fidel Segui will be attending various events and Cigar stores up and down the United Kingdom, demonstrating the skill and craftsmanship involved in rolling Cuban Cigars.

Portrait of Senor Fidel Segui, Cuban Cigar Roller

Over at the Hunters & Frankau Upcoming Event Calendar, there is a list of all the events Fidel will be attending. Fidel will be rolling Cuban Cigars at each events that you will be able to purchase on site.

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