Details Regarding The 2012 Regional Editions Emerge

Details regarding the 2012 Regional Editions have been slow to emerge as of late, however a popular French Cigar magazine has revealed the Italian, French, Canadian & Swiss Regional Editions amongst others.

As well the three Limited Editions being released in the next month or so, it looks as if the 2012 Regional Edition programme is starting to kick into gear.

Details of the Regional Editions commissioned for 2012 has been a little sketchy so far. The only two releases I have heard that they "exist" but not yet released is the Punch Sir John, the Regional Edition Release for Germany, and the Ramon Allones Petit Belicoso, Great Britain Regional Edition.

However, details have emerged of other Regional Editions. Popular French Magazine L'Amateur de Cigare has published a list of no less than Nine Cigars commissioned for different importers worldwide.

Country Brand Name Vitola Length (mm) Ring Gauge
Canada Vegas Robaina XV Aniversario Sublimes 164mm 54
China & Japan El Rey De Mundo Aniversario Geniales 150mm 54
Germany Punch Sir John Hermosos No. 4 127mm 48
Great Britain Ramon Allones Petit Belicosos Petit Belicoso 125mm 52
Great Britain Ramon Allones Aniversario 225 Gordito 141mm 50
Italy Por LarraƱaga Small Robusto Petit Robusto 102mm 50
Lebanon Ramon Allones Eshmoun 30 Sublimes 164mm 54
Spain Diplomaticos Colleccion Privada Petit Robusto 102mm 50
Switzerland Vegas Robaina Petit Unicos Petit Belicoso 125mm 52

One or two interesting releases. It looks as if Spain have managed to pull the rabbit out the hat again this year by commissioning a Regional Edition under the Diplomaticos brand. This is the first Diplomaticos Regional Edition. Italy last year released the La EscepciĆ³n Selectos Finos, a discontinued brand resurrected for this one off release.

According to the list published, Great Britain will be allowed two Regional Editions for 2012. I'm not sure this is the case however, as Habanos SA have recently announced that the Regional Edition programme is now restricted to one release per country.

Personally, I'd take this list with a pinch of salt. There's no smoke without fire so there's no doubt that this list is mostly accurate. But I have no doubt that at least one Cigar on the list will be released differently to what was listed above. Maybe the ring gauge is thinner, different brand, or maybe the Cigar just doesn't get released. So don't put any bets on.

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