5 Tips To Have A Legendary Stag Weekend

If you're thinking of other things to do than Smoke the odd Stogie on a Stag Weekend, then read on...

While a guys' night out is a fairly common exchange between friends, stag night represents a landmark decision in one of your best mates' lives.

Marriage sometimes means less time for the guys to hangout, so the stag night represents a chance for what could be the last proper romp before the toasts. Each stag night takes on an identify of its own, but here are some ideas to get the ball rolling as you seek the perfect night.

1. Greatest Hits

If you're feeling nostalgic, recreate some of your greatest guys'-night-out moments throughout the night. Smoke Cigars, swap stories, and reminisce about legendary memories as you create new ones along the way.

Go back to that pub where you watched your team win the premiership, and play golf at the course where the groom fell in the sand trap. After all, you and your friends know how to have a good time, so send the groom off in style with a fantastic night that he will remember forever.

2. Test your Luck

Put your poker face on for a night of gaming entertainment at the casino. A night of gambling is a classic stag do activity, galvanizing mates as they chase a big payout. Go to JackpotJoy and other online gambling sites to brush up on your bingo skills and choose your lucky numbers for the roulette table- luck might be a lady on the groom's last night of freedom. If possible, have your friends pitch in and fund the stag's bets. He probably has plenty of costs to worry about.

3. Get Active

Use the stag outing to get out and get active! There's nothing like enjoying the outdoors and putting your athleticism on the line with your friends. Rekindle your glory days on the pitch with a friendly round robin football tournament, or feed your wild side and kayak down one of the UK's beautiful rivers.

There are plenty of activities that the fairer sex just can't handle, so take advantage of this exclusively male weekend and do something you wouldn't normally get to do.

4. Hit the Road

It's not uncommon for a stag night to turn into a stag weekend. If you and the boys can spare the time off, use an extended celebration to hit the road and get a change of scenery.

Not only will you enjoy the unique opportunities of your destination, the travel itself offers the chance to share some laughs and relax with good friends. Your stag weekend may leave you with a headache on the way home, but you'll also come back with some great memories.

5. Be Spontaneous

You can't overstate the importance of a proper stag do, but rigorous planning isn't always the best route to celebrate with the groom. In true stag fashion, consider getting together at a pub and letting the night shape up from there.

Spontaneity can lead to some of the most memorable occasions, so if you can't plan the stag night of your dreams, get your mates in one place and see what happens.

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