Great Britain Regional Edition Roundup

Some new information regarding the Regional Edition Program for the United Kingdom, including something special Hunters & Frankau have in store for us in 2015.

I reported yesterday that details regarding the 2012 regional editions was printed in a well known French Cigar magazine. Today I heard word regarding the state of play in relation to this year's Great Britain Regional Editions.

Jimmy McGhee, an Executive at Hunters & Frankau, the exclusive importer of Cuban Cigars to the UK market posted the following updates regarding the British 2012 Regional Editions:

  • There is only one Regional Edition for this year, and that is the Ramon Allones Petit Belicosos.
  • Unfortunately, it will be a good couple of months before the Ramon Allones Petit Belicoso will be released and available to purchase. The Cigar hasn't made these shores yet, so I wouldn't expect them to arrive on the shelves until at least November.
  • It looks like we'll be waiting until 2015 for the Ramon Allones Aniversario 225 however. To celebrate 225 years since the founding of Hunters & Frankau, the Aniversario 225 will be released as a collectors Cigar.

Well, that's it. If there's anymore information I hear over the Cigar sound waves, you'll find it here.

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