Chicago Attorney Faces Being Stripped Of Law License

A Chicago based Law Attorney who was convicted in 2002 for smuggling Cuban Cigars into North America faces being stripped of his Law License.

A Chicago Attorney faces being stripped of his law license for smuggling over Cuban Cigars into the United States over a four year period.

Richard Steven Connors had been charged with Trading with the Enemy Act in 2002 for smuggling the contraband over a 31 trip period between 1996 and 1999.

Connors wasn't just smuggling the odd glass box of Cohiba Esplendidos either! One trip saw Connors successfully managing to smuggle 46 boxes of Cuban Cigars worth $350 per box!

None of this would have come to light if Richard Conners had not irritated the one thing that stands between yourself and a good smoke; your partner! The U.S. Customs Service were alerted to Connors' antics by his ex wife.

The price to pay for such a smuggling operation? Thirty seven months in prison and a $60,000 fine.

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