Punch Sir John, 2012 German Regional Edition Released

The Punch Sir John, the 2012 German Regional Edition has been released and is available for purchase in selected La Casa del Habano.

The first 2012 Regional Edition of the year has been released! The Punch Sir John, is now available to purchase in La Casa del Habano throughout Germany.

This Hermosos No. 4 sized Cigar, 48 ring gauge by 140mm will appease the smoker who likes his hour length Cigars.

There are no reviews as of yet how well the Punch Sir John smokes, but Christoph Wolters at the La Casa del Habano in Hamburg did smoke a pre-release version at Cuba's Habanos Festival earlier this year in February. He had this to say:

This years German Regional Edition is a Hermoso No. 4 sized Punch Sir John. As I ran into Gordon Mott of CA magazine he joined us for the tasting. So far hard to summarize tasting notes as for my palate they were a bit too young. Rather disclosed flavours they showed but as they are made with an extra portion of tasty Seco tobacco they should in fact mature. So, we need to smoke these again in some month to see were these are going to."

German Regional Editions do have a good reputation amongst Cigar aficionado's so I'd expect these to be of the high standard of previous years. I'd better mention also that German Regional Editions don't hang around for long. So if you have your eyes on a box, you're better off snapping it up now!

Sir John - German flag German Regional Edition

The Punch Sir John is the first Regional Edition of 2012 to be officially released. Exclusively made for the German market, the Punch Sir John is length of 127mm, by 48 ring gauge.

Punch Sir John - 2012 German Regional Edition
Cigar Name: Sir John
Size: Corona Extra
Factory Vitola: Hermosos No. 4
Ring Gauge: 48
Length (mm): 127mm
Year Released: 2012
Status: Currently Available.
Packaging Type: Dress Box of 25
Launch Year: 2012
Number Produced: 2000
Information last updated on Monday, 20th October 2014.
Punch Sir John - 2012 German Regional Edition Punch Sir John - 2012 German Regional Edition Punch Sir John - 2012 German Regional Edition
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