James Suckling launches 100 Points

In joint collaboration with French glassware manufacturer Lalique, Wine Critic James Suckling has launches his own exclusive tasting glass, entitled "100 Points".

Wine Critic and avid Cigar smoker James Suckling has launched his own exclusive wine glass. Called "100 Points", the glass was made in joint collaboration with French crystal company Lalique

Lalique, renowned for their glasswork, have never produced a glass made specifically for wine tasting. Watch the video below to greater understand the process that went behind the creation of James Suckling's dream.

The idea behind the 100 Points wine tasting glass is that it can be used to sample any type of wine, whether it is red or white. The wine glass is multi-purpose, yet holds a sense of eloquence.

"100 Points" is available for purchase now over at James Suckling's official website . Each glass costs €100 Euros each.

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