New Small Cigars for Winter from Habanos SA

Now that Europe is slowly drifting into those dark, colder months, aficionados who have to endure outdoor smoking have a range of new smaller Cigars to sample.

I've list below a range of Cigars that Habanos SA have released since October 2011 that will appeal to smokers who are looking for a new short smoke.

Romeo y Julieta Petit Churchill

Romeo y Julieta Petit Churchill

The newest release from Habanos SA to feature in this article, the Romeo y Julieta Petit Churchill is the newest member to the 'Churchill' family after the Short Churchill and Wide Churchill.

If you're asking yourself "Why are Habanos SA releasing yet another XYZ Churchill?" then you're definitely not alone! Both the Wide Churchill and the Short Churchill have their fans, but whether the Petit Churchill is a step too far is a little too early to tell.

H. Upmann Half Corona

H. Upmann Half Corona

The H. Upmann Half Corona is no doubt one of Habanos SA's more interesting releases in recent times. This tiny little Cigar, measuring in at 90mm in length and a 44 ring gauge, looks as if the roller had cut the Cigar too short! But this stout little Cigar makes up for being stunted by having a good amount of controlled 'punch' when it comes to it's flavour profile.

The H. Upmann flavour profile of subtle sweetness is all there, but everything seems to just be elevated somewhat by it's creaminess.

While the dress box version of the Half Corona has been available for around a year now, the tinned version has only come on the market within the last six months. It looks as if Habanos SA concentrated on producing the boxed version first, then afterwards shifting their production towards the aluminium tins of five. Because of this, boxes of the H. Upmann Half Corona are currently difficult to source; many of the large retailers in mainland Europe have sold their allocation to Cigar smokers who no doubt wanted a short smoke while their outside braving the weather of winter months. Hopefully we will see a new batch of the dress boxes of twenty five in early 2013.

Rafael González Perlas

Rafael Gonzalez Perlas

When the Rafael González Perlas was released towards the end of 2011, this little Cigar arrived with little fanfare. However, I was intrigued to why a new release arrived under the Rafael González marca, a brand that had been in decline the last ten years or so due to many popular formats being discontinued.

After managing to source a box, I was quite happy to discover that these little Cigars smoked exceptionally well. I reviewed the Rafael González Perlas in May 2012 and found this Cigar to be a delightful thirty five minute smoke with a flavour profile that included a medley of cocoa, coffee and toasted tobacco.

Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure de Luxe

Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure de Luxe

Released as part of Habanos SA's La Casa de Habano range of releases, the Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure de Luxe comes in boxes of ten. Like many of the La Casa de Habano releases, they are remarkably good value for money while feature the quality of craftsmanship found in limited edition releases. Released in mid October 2012, the Epicture de Luxe already features in many aficionado's end of year Cigar shopping list. Expect the first batch of the Epicure de Luxe to sell out before the year's end.

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