Sautter Cigars Beginner's Guide Cigar Videos

Sautter Cigars, the popular and essential London Cigar store, have posted on their YouTube channel a selection of videos targeted towards the new smokers who would like to learn a essential tips on how to choose and smoke a Cigar.

Sautter employee Magali de la Cruz covers a few frequently asked questions across five videos including how to choose, how to cut and how to taste a Cigar.

As with all Cigar videos produced by Sautter Cigars, they are informative, light hearted, and of high quality. The video entitled The Beginner Selection is particularly interesting as Magali suggests five or six Cigars that would be ideal for the novice smoker who is looking for a Cigar that is not taxing, but epitomises what makes Cuban Cigars what it is. It would have been easy to pick out cheap, budget brands such as Quintero or Guantanamera, but these brands don't really showcase what makes Cuban Cigars so magical.

The Sautter Cigars YouTube channel can be found here.

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