Vegas Robaina Petit Unicos Swiss RE released

The 2012 Regional Edition for Switzerland, the Vegas Robaina Petit Unicos has been released just in time for the holiday season.

Just in time for the holiday season, we have a new Regional Edition to snap up for our humidors. Along with Punch Sir John and the Ramon Allones Petit Belicosos, we now have the Vegas Robaina Petit Unicos, the 2012 Regional Edition for Switzerland. A hotbed for Cuban Cigars, Switzerland have always been blessed with being one of the first European countries to have their Regional Edition Cigar released.

The Vegas Robaina Petit Unicos is following the trend of other 2012 Regional Editions being a stout, large ring gauge Cigar that is targeted towards smokers who want a shorter, quicker smoke that delivers plenty of flavours. This Regional Edition comes in dress boxes of ten cigars. I do like the idea of releasing Regional and Limited Edition Cigars in boxes of ten as it makes purchasing these Cigars a little more affordable. This release is limited to 5000 boxes. Once these boxes have been sold, they're all gone!

More information regarding the Vegas Robaina Petit Unicos can be found below, taken from my online database of 2012 Regional Edition Cuban Cigars

Petit Unicos - Swiss flag Swiss Regional Edition

The Vegas Robaina Petit Unicos is the only 2012 Regional Edition for Switzerland. This relatively small Cigar, although shares the same name as the Ramon Allones Petit Unicos, are not the same size.

Vegas Robaina Petit Unicos - 2012 Regional Edition for Switzerland
Cigar Name: Petit Unicos
Size: Petit Belicosos
Factory Vitola: Petit Belicoso
Ring Gauge: 52
Length (mm): 125mm
Year Released: 2012
Status: Currently Available.
Packaging Type: Dress Box of 10
Launch Year: 2012
Number Produced: 5000
Information last updated on Monday, 20th October 2014.
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