Hunters & Frankau Website Redesigned

Hunters & Frankau, the exclusive distributor of Cuban Cigars in the United Kingdom, have recently had their corporate and consumer website updated. The old website, whilst had served them well for several years, was due a refresh and the redesign comes as a welcome change.

Hunters & Frankau Website

Sections of the website updated includes the Cigar Events Page, Where To Smoke and Havana Cigar Portfolio, which includes an informative and easy read booklet on the Cuban Cigars that the distributor imports.

The website, along with the redesign, includes a few new news stories, including the Hunters & Frankau Cigar Party, the opening of the No. Ten Manchester Street Cigar Terrace and the release of the Hoyo de Monterrey Grand Epicure.

The Hunters & Frankau website can be visited at

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