No Hunters & Frankau Summer Party for 2014

Hunters & Frankau Summer Party to be deferred in 2014 as 225th Anniversary year looms.

Some disappointing news was announced from Hunters & Frankau was announced this afternoon. News was posted both on their official website and on Jimmy McGee's Twitter feed that there will be no Summer Cigar Party this year. This will come as bitter news for many UK and European Cigar aficionado's who saw this event as one of the must attend get together's for the year. It was widely expected that the 2014 Great Britain Regional Edition the Por Larrañaga Sobresalientes would be unveiled at the event.

Below is the official announcement from Hunters & Frankau, copied from their website:

Hunters & Frankau have announced that it will not be hosting its annual Cigar Party this year. Ever since its inception in 2007 (days after the smoking ban came in to effect) the Hunters & Frankau Cigar Party has become a mainstay within many UK cigar smokers' diaries.
However, 2015 represents the 225th anniversary of H&F and so, with several key events as well as some very special new releases planned throughout the year, the decision has been taken to defer the party for a year.
Please be assured that plans remain in place to launch the 2014 Region Edition, the Por LarraƱaga Sobresalientes, at various events around the country later this year. Full details of these events will follow closer to the launch date. Click here to sign up to the Newsletter and ensure you are kept up to date with all the latest news.
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