More definitive 2015 Habanos releases posted online

Well known La Casa del Habanos gives an extensive list of Cigars due for release in 2015.

It's been an interesting two days in the world of Cuban Cigars. Yesterday we heard news of the dates for the 2015 Habanos Festival, and what cigars will be launched at the opening launch and the gala dinner. Well today, more news came our way from the La Casa del Habanos in Knokke, Belgium. A more extensive list of the cigars due to be released in 2015 by Habanos S.A. has been shared via the La Casa del Habanos' newsletter:

Dear Aficionado's,

much sooner than expected, I can give you an extensive update on the new Habanos products foreseen in 2015:

Standard Premium Products:

Montecristo Media Corona in 5 & 25: Ring 44 x 90mm
Romeo y Julieta Club Kings in 5 & 25: Ring 42 x 129mm
Montecristo 80 Aniversario in 20: Ring 55 x 165mm

LCDH only products:

Partagas Maduro N°1 in 25: Ring 52 x 130 mm
La Gloria Cubana 25 Aniversario LCDH in 30: Combinaciones Piramides: Ring 52 x 156mm and Robusto Extra: Ring 48 x 170mm

Edicion Limitadas:

H. Upmann Magnum 56 EL 2015 in 25: Ring 56 x 150mm
Ramon Allones Club Allones EL 2015 in 10: Ring 47 x 135mm
Hoyo de Monterrey Maravillas EL 2015 in 20: Ring 55 x 230mm

Special Edition:

Partagas 170 Aniversario in 50: Ring 56 x 170mm

Travel Retail:

Partagas E2 in 10: Ring 54 x 140mm

Gran Reserva:

Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchills Gran Reserva Cosecha 2009 in 15: Ring 55 x 130mm

Regional Editions:

La Gloria Cubana Glorias in 10: Ring 54 x 180mm
La Escepcion Don José in 25: Ring 48 x 127mm
Bolivar Belgravia in 10: Ring 55 x 130mm
La Gloria Cubana Revolution in 20: Ring 55 x 130mm
Ramon Allones Phoenicios in 25: Ring 55 x 130mm
Ramon Allones Robusto XXL in 10: Ring 54 x 150mm
Diplomaticos El Ambajador in 10: Ring 52 x 135mm
Punch Supremos in 10: Ring 53 x 153mm
Bolivar Emarati in 25: Ring 52 x 135mm
Juan Lopez Malecon in 20: Ring 55 x 130mm
Rey Del Mundo Petit Robustos in 10: Ring 50 x 102mm
Quai d'Orsay Robusto Diplomatico in 10: Ring 48 x 127mm
Por Larranaga Opera in 10: Ring 52 x 115mm
Diplomaticos Excelencia in 10: Ring 50 x 124mm

All of these cigars are foreseen to be released as off the middle of 2015.

Changes are possible but this info should be 95% correct.

As you would probably agree, that is one extensive list! Yesterday's announcement becomes a little more clearer now. It looks as if we are going to have two Montecristo releases, a half corona sized short smoke in the same vein as the H. Upmann Half Corona and the Partagás Serie D No. 6. With both the Half Corona and Serie D No. 6 being released in the last few years, a Half Corona sized Montecristo makes sense.

The confusion on whether the Romeo y Julieta Club Kings would pay homage to the 1970's release or would just re-use the name seems now to have been cleared up with the publication of this list. The original Club Kings was a Marevas (Petit Corona - 42 ring gauge x 129mm) sized cigar. This new release will be the same.

The Limited Editions for 2015 look to be somewhat standard fare. The Ramon Allones Club Allones looks interesting in that would it cause such a divide as the last Ramon Allones Limited Edition in 2011, the Allones Extra. Some people loved the flavour profile, others wondered if it had any kind of resemblance to the brand other than the old style band. To my taste buds the Allones Extra tasted like a Ramon Allones anyhow.

The Hoyo de Monterrey Limited Edition seems to be a homage to the legendary Maravillas that was first available in the 1920's and was at the time the largest cuban cigar in production. The Maravillas came in individual slide lid boxes (think Montecristo A). A mammoth Cigar, would be interesting how Habanos S.A. play the flavour profile. Similar to the Double Corona?

The Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchill Gran Reserva Cosecha 2009 is quite an eye opener. Funnily enough, the Wide Churchill was only released in 2010, so the tobacco used here was most probably designated for some kind of special release, but at the time there was no idea what vitola or brand it may end up being used in. Another thing to point out, back in 2010 when the Wide Churchill was released, a Cuban cigar with a 55 ring gauge was considered a monster! Well, a 55 ring gauge is becoming the norm it seems, with 56 ring gauged Cubans becoming more and more common. And don't forget the biggest ring gauged Cuban Cigar of them all, the 58 ring gauged, 2014 Limited Edition, the Cohiba Robustos Supremos!

It is unknown what country belongs to each regional edition, but I'd expect more information to be unveiled early next year by each of the country's distributors as when they see fit. We know that the United Kingdom only exclusive already lined up for 2015 - the Ramon Allónes Hunters & Frankau Aniversario 225. However whether this is the only Regional Edition that Great Britain will be granted in 2015 is yet to be seen. I would expect the Aniversario 225 to be quite an expensive cigar. It might be prudent for Hunters & Frankau to try and release a second, more in-expensive short smoke Regional Edition similar to previous UK regional edition, the El Rey Del Mundo Choix de L'Epoque and Spanish regional edition Por Larrañaga Secretos.

As stressed in the original newsletter posting, that the information should be 95% correct but as always, one or two of the releases posted here could have the odd mistake in ring gauge, name, brand etc. etc. So take this all with a pinch of salt.

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