Turmeaus Tobacconist in Chester to be expanded

C.Gars Ltd to expand Chester's Turmeaus Tobacconist, aims to expand floor space.

C.Gars Ltd continues to expand it's presence in the UK tobacconist sector by aiming to expand the floor space in both Chester and Norfolk. Mitchell Orchant first teased on the C.Gars Facebook, and then announced via a blog post on his weekly Cigar Blog, that they had successfully acquired the building next to the Turmeas Tobacconist in Chester.

Both the expanded Chester and Norfolk stores are due to be finished for opening in around six to eight weeks time.

Turmeas Tobacconist in Chester.

Mitchell commented:

I have little doubt that larger shops with large sampling lounges are the way forward and that’s what we are doing in Chester – huge walk in humidor – large and comfortable sampling lounge. Client lockers, complimentary bar/snacks/papers/TV. What more could you ask for?

I'm looking forward to seeing in the forthcoming months whether Mitchell can pull this off, as you wouldn't first think that the UK Cigar market would be healthy enough to support such a expansion in which we may see in the near future JR Cigars style supercigarstores. However, we are seeing positive trends outside the Cigar market, where new craft beer breweries and whiskey distilleries are opening up their own establishments where customers can go and sample more artisan produce than they would otherwise do in a pub or a restaurant. If there's one man who could pull off a similar idea in the Cigar sector here in the UK...

More information can be found here on the C.Gars Ltd Cigar Blog

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