Bolívar Super Coronas, 2014 Limited Edition Cuban Cigar Information

Bolívar Super Coronas

Released on the first week of October 2014 in the United Kingdom, the Bolívar Super Coronas come in semi boite nature boxes of twenty five. The second time that the Bolívar has been selected for an Edicion Limitada, after the Bolívar Petit Belicosos in 2009.



Country: Cuba
Strength: Full
Cigar Name: Super Coronas
Size: Grand Corona
Factory Vitola: Hermosos No. 3
Ring Gauge: 48
Length (mm): 140mm
Year Released: 2014
Status: Currently Available.
Information last updated on Wednesday, 4th March 2015.

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Bolívar Super Coronas Bolívar Super Coronas

Additional Information

The H. Upmann Super Coronas

It's not the first time that a cigar has been allocated the name Super Coronas. A now long discontinued cigar called the H. Upmann Super Coronas was available from before the Cuban revolution to when it was finally discontinued in 2002. Both the H. Upmann and Bolívar do not share any characteristics other than the name. The H. Upmann is three millimetres longer, which makes it a Coronas Gordas whilst the Bolívar is a Hermosos No. 3, which makes it a 48 ring gauge by 140 millimetres in length cigar. Therefore whilst the H. Upmann is slightly longer, the Bolívar more than makes up for that in a slightly wider ring gauge.

My view on the Bolívar Super Coronas

First Impressions

I must admit, I do love the presentation of the Bolívar Super Coronas. The dark maduro wrapper's suit perfectly the characteristics of the Bolívar brand. Full bodied, deep, brooding and robust.

As of March 2015, I have only smoked two of the Bolívar Super Coronas, and have found them at this time to be a little one dimensional. I was a little disappointed that whilst smoking the Super Coronas, the cigar reminded me of many new-world offerings with their dark maduro wrappers, that give plenty of espresso sweetness, but not enough development throughout the cigar to really keep me interested. For such an expensive stick as the Super Coronas, there's a definite element of buyer's remorse involved if you decide to smoke the cigar within two years of release. It's hard to determine how this cigar will age beyond two years time, but in my opinion at this time there's no point smoking this cigar.

I have read many of the reviews on the Internet regarding this cigar, and time and time again they mention that there's a 'Bolivaresque' flavour profile there. I am not so convinced. The dark maduro wrapper is definitely imparting a more sweeter profile than what you'd expect from a regular production Bolívar. Whilst a Bolívar Royal Coronas or Bolívar Petit Coronas is full in both flavour and body, I found the Super Coronas to be more a medium flavour / bodied smoke.

In comparison with the Bolívar Petit Belicosos, I found the Super Coronas to be have a more dark espresso characteristic, with a lingering molasses element on the back end. With the Petit Belicosos, I found the cigar had a much more chocolatey to it. I haven't smoked any of the Petit Belicosos since when they were released in 2009, so I cannot give an opinion on how they may have developed since then.

In Comparison with the Partagás Selección Privada

The first thing you notice when you place the Bolívar Super Coronas and the Partagás Selección Privada side by side is how much darker the Bolívar's wrapper is compared to the Partagás. The Bolívar looks like a typical Edicion Limitada cigar, with it's dark maduro wrapper, whilst the Partagás has an oily sheen to it, but if there was no Edition Limitada band gracing the cigar you would be hard pressed to determine if this was a regular production cigar or not.

I found the Partagás Selección Privada to be a much smoother smoke than the Bolívar Super Coronas. There were elements of earth, cream coffee and leather, whilst the Bolívar has a more 'in your face' espresso and molasses element that I have spoken about before regarding the cigar.

As of March 2015, if I had to choose between the Super Coronas or the Seleccion Privada, I would go for the Seleccion Privada. There's a lot more balance to the Partagás than the Super Coronas at this time. I think the Partagás will reach it's peak in a much shorter time than the Bolívar.

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