Por Larrañaga Sobresalientes, 2014 United Kingdom Regional Edition, Cuban Cigar Information

Announced during the week of the 2014 Habanos Festival, the Por Larrañaga Sobresalientes will be the largest ring gauged Regional Edition made specific for the British market. An interesting vitola in the fact that it has an odd numbered fifty three ring gauge that is difficult to pronounce. It's not the first Sobresalientes Regional Edition however, as in previous years we have had the Ramon Allónes Sidon and Bolívar 681 for both Lebanon and Bulgaria respectively.

Por Larrañaga

Por Larrañaga

Country: Cuba
Strength: Medium
Cigar Name: Sobresalientes
Size: Robusto Extra
Factory Vitola: Sobresalientes
Ring Gauge: 53
Length (mm): 153mm
Year Released: 2014
Status: Currently Available.
Information last updated on Tuesday, 30th June 2015.

Hunters & Frankau Promotional Images

A box of Por Larrañaga Sobresalientes An open box of Por Larrañaga Sobresalientes

Additional Information

Hunters & Frankau First Pictures

On the 10th of November 2014, Hunters & Frankau posted on their Twitter feed some of the first images of the Por Larrañaga Sobresalientes, specifically one of the boxes being subject to EMS quality inspection. Some excellent high quality close up images of the Sobresalientes:

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