Quintero Favoritos, Cuban Cigar Information

Released in the second half of 2012, the Quintero Favoritos made it's debut in the Spanish market.

Six months later in January 2013, other international markets, including the United Kingdom and Hong Kong starting receiving shipments of the Quintero Favoritos.

The Favoritos has the largest ring gauge of the brand, and has a unique factory vitola of Concha No.2.

Quintero Favoritos


Country: Cuba
Strength: Light to Medium
Cigar Name: Favoritos
Size: Petit Robustos
Factory Vitola: Concha No. 2
Ring Gauge: 50
Length (mm): 115mm
Year Released: 2012
Status: Currently Available.
Packaging Type: Cardboard box housing bundle of cigars of 25
Launch Year: 2012
Packaging Type: Cardboard Packs of 5
Launch Year: 2012
Information last updated on Tuesday, 12th August 2014.
A trio of Quintero Favoritos. A trio of Quintero Favoritos. Quintero Favoritos.
A bundle of twenty five Quintero Favoritos

Stephen Griffiths' Reviews

Date of Review Rating
A review and critique of the Quintero Favoritos, a Robusto sized Cigar that has been available for purchase for the last two years. Quintero Favoritos Final Score:
3 out of 5
3 out of 5

Reviews from the Internet

Premium Cigars posted a blog post on the 12th February regarding an afternoon tasting session that they participated in. One of the Cigars smoked was the Quintero Favoritos.

Here's their tasting notes: (translated from German)

Taste it starts promising. With a kind of sweetness, though not particularly pronounced pflanzig and spicy, but pleasant and not bitter. In the course of smoking, it develops a characteristic flavor. With the full, earthy and oily taste of Rafael Gonzalez Perlas the Favorites are not comparable. The taste is rather pithy, tart and has less body. They remind me a little taste of the cigars which roll the tobacco farmers in Pinar del Rio.

Link: Neu degustiert: Quintero Favoritos | The Cigar Blog

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