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The first announced release of 2014 to make it on general sale, the Petit Quintero first appeared in Canadian La Casa del Habano stores in the second week of July. A week later, around the 15th or 16th, the Petit Quintero appeared on some well known German and Swiss online retailers.



Country: Cuba
Strength: Light to Medium
Cigar Name: Petit Quintero
Size: Petit Cazadores
Factory Vitola: Petit Cazadores
Ring Gauge: 43
Length (mm): 105mm
Year Released: 2014
Status: Currently Available.
Information last updated on Wednesday, 22nd October 2014.

German Stock Images

A cardboard box bundle of Quintero Petit Quintero - 2014 Habanos Release.

Surly's first tasting of the Petit Quintero

Friends of Habanos member Surly posted his thoughts on the Quintero Petit Quintero that he recently smoked (22nd July 2014):

Just picked a couple of these up today from the local cigar shop. Pretty cheap - about $7.00 Canadian. I was expecting a smaller version of a Quintero Favoritos, but it was quite different. The Petit Quintero had a light, smooth wrapper with some oily marks. Not dark and rough looking like a Favorito. The first third was spicy/acrid. It evened out into a grassy flavour, but that's about it. No big flavours and none of the grubby 'twang' I like in a Favorito. Good burn and construction though. It's probably too green to give it a fair review. I'll save the other one and see if some age improves it.

Quintero Petit Quintero being smoked. Quintero Petit Quintero being smoked. Quintero Petit Quintero being smoked.

Petit Quintero in the Wild

Quintero Petit Quintero being smoked.

Additional Information

Pricing & Availability

Being a budget brand and a small vitola, a Petit Cazadores, the Petit Quintero is priced nicely for the smoker who wants an inexpensive smoke. The German website cigarworld.de currently has singles on sale for €2.10 each, making the Petit Quintero the cheapest price of the brand! Below is an image taken from the website:

CigarWorld.de Price

Urs Portmann Tabak The Swiss website Urs Portmann have reported they will receive their first shipment of the Petit Quintero on Friday, 18th July 2014. The Cigar will go on retail for a bundle of 25 for 62.50 CHF.

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