Ramon Allónes Perfectos, 2014 Swiss Regional Edition, Cuban Cigar Information


Released in the second week of November 2014, the Ramon Allónes Perfectos utilises the same white band design as 2011 Limited Edition, the Ramon Allónes Allones Extra. The cigar is reminicent of the United Kingdom Regional Edition, the Bolívar Británicas (although does not quite share the same size)

The Ramon Allónes Perfectos is an attempt in resurrecting the style that is the 'Cigars of old'. The perfectos shape, along with the retro Ramon Allónes band tries to highlight that fact.

Word is that there will be a strictly limited release of one hundred humidors, each one containing ten Perfectos.

Ramon Allónes

Ramon Allónes

Country: Cuba
Strength: Medium to Full
Cigar Name: Perfectos
Size: Perfecto
Factory Vitola: Británicas Extra
Ring Gauge: 48
Length (mm): 137mm
Year Released: 2014
Status: Currently Available.
Packaging Type: Semi Boite Nature of 10
Launch Year: 2014
Number Produced: 50
Notes: Specially commissioned humidor by Intertabak AG to coincide with the release of the Ramon Allónes Perfectos.
Information last updated on Monday, 29th June 2015.

Promotional Images

Ramon Allónes Perfectos Ramon Allónes Perfectos Ramon Allónes Perfectos

Additional Information

Ramon Allónes Perfectos First Sighting

The first mention of a 2014 Swiss Ramon Allones Regional Edition appeared on the 24th Feb 2014 with a tweet from the Portmann Tabakwaren Twitter feed:

It looks as if the Perfectos Ramon Allónes was being rolled during the Habanos Festival period.

Ramon Allónes Perfectos Humidor

A specially commissioned limited edition Humidor containing fifty Ramon Allónes Perfectos was made available in mid December 2014. Only One Hundred of these extremely rare items have been made, and from the pictures I have seen of this Humidor, it's truly a work of art. The Humidors were made especially for this release by Humidors of Havana .

The humidor is split into three 'wings', with the middle wing housing fourteen Perfectos, whilst the two outer wings contain three rows of six Perfectos. The Adorini Cigar Heaven 2 is used as the humidor's humdification device.

More information can be found on the Intertabak website.

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