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Ramon Allónes Specially Selected.

One of the most consistent and popular Cuban Robustos in regular production. Launched in 1980, the Specially Selected contains all the hallmarks of the brand - stewed fruit, honey all balanced in a complex smoke.

Specially Selected in cabinets of fifty are usually difficult to source yet are well worth time tracking down.

Ramon Allónes

Ramon Allónes

Country: Cuba
Strength: Medium to Full
Cigar Name: Specially Selected
Size: Robusto
Factory Vitola: Robustos
Ring Gauge: 50
Length (mm): 124mm

Status: Currently Available.
Packaging Type: Dress Box of 25
Launch Year: 1980
Packaging Type: Slide Lid Box of 50
Launch Year: 1980
Information last updated on Tuesday, 15th December 2015.

Additional Information

Italian Exclusive 2014 Ramon Allónes Specially Selected Ceramic Jar

In July 2014 Diadema, the Italian distributor for Cuban Cigars released an exclusive, Ramon Allónes ceramic jar limited to three hundred units. Each jar stores twenty five Specially Selected robustos. On launch, each jar was for retail at €400.

Ramon Allónes Specially Selected ceramic jar.

My view on the Ramon Allónes Specially Selected

One of my favourite Robustos, the Specially Selected has so many things going for it. Firstly, the Cigar oozes all the dark , stewed fruit, tobacco notes for what the Ramon Allónes brand is all about. Secondly, the Specially Selected is very reasonably priced compared to other Robustos and Hermosos No. 4 sized cigars. For the price, the cigar punches above it's weight. Third and finally, there is plenty of scope for ageing. After three to five years, the rough edges drift to the wayside, with the dark stewed fruit notes settling down into a more softer, creamier composition.

Reviews from the Internet

The Ramon Allónes Specially Selected is one of the most reviewed Cuban cigars on the Internet due to it's price point and being relatively easy to obtain.

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Along with a large selection of written reviews, there's plenty of YouTube videos to watch also:

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