Romeo Y Julieta Añejados, Cuban Cigar Information

The first release as part of Habanos S.A. Añejados line, the Romeo Y Julieta Añejados were rolled in 2008 and then aged in Cuba for between five and eight years. Available only in dress boxes of twenty five cigars, and are adorned with a second specially commissioned second Añejados band. It is the first time that vitola has been used within the Romeo Y Julieta roster. The Cigar went on general sale in December 2014.

Romeo Y Julieta

Romeo Y Julieta

Country: Cuba
Strength: Medium
Cigar Name: Añejados
Size: Pyramid
Factory Vitola: Pirámides
Ring Gauge: 52
Length (mm): 156mm
Year Released: 2014
Status: Currently Available.
Packaging Type: Dress Box of 25
Launch Year: 2014
Information last updated on Wednesday, 8th April 2015.

Additional Information


The Romeo Y Julieta Añejados is the first release as part of Habanos SA's new Añejados line, which translates from Spanish as 'aged'. The cigars were aged unbanded and kept in their boxes. According to Habanos:

Through the aging process the cigars have become rounder and mellower to the palate, getting touches of wood taste thanks to the years of rest with the cedar protecting it.

According to the Hananos website, a "Revisado" (Checked) stamp has been placed at the bottom of each box to show as proof that each box has been opened and thoroughly checked for quality control purposes.

Romeo Y Julieta Añejados General Consistency

Rob Ayala from Friends of Habanos has inspected a few fair boxes of the Romeo Y Julieta Añejados and has come to the following conclusion regarding the general consistency of the cigar from box to box:

Having now looked through plenty of these boxes, what is apparent is that there are real (troubling) issues in relation to wrapper variance (quality) and construction (underfilling). I have carefully screened these and offer only the absolute crème de la crème with few boxes available. This is not one cigar to buy blind (anywhere). - 6th March 2015.

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