Cigar Links - YouTube Channels, Reviews, Blogs.

Welcome to my listing of Cigar sites on the Internet. These are some of my favourite blogs, YouTube Channels, review sites and information sites.


Massimo Busciolano

Massimo's website is a celebration of all things Cuba. Based in Rome, Massimo holds Cigar Dinners & Tastings, courses on cigar culture amongst other events.

Cigar Blogs - Europe


Quickly becoming one of my favourite blogs, blogs about some of the Habanos treasures that are found in his humidor (more like ageing room!) including very limited Habanos book releases, difficult to source regional editions and latest releases.

A blog to watch.

Nino's Flying Cigar

The grandaddy of all Cigar blogs. Follow Nino journey of Cuban Cigars plenty of good food, drink and smoke.

Premium Cigars

Premium Cigars, a German online retailer have their own blog that is frequently updated with news, tasting notes and opinions about all thing Cigars. One of my favourite blogs as being a retailer are privy to the latest news coming out of Cuba.

Duvault Blochet

The day to day activities of a wine merchant, broker, trader and Cigar lover. Touching on other topics such as horseracing, sport and anything else!

The Cigars Smoker

A relatively new Cigar blog that was launched in mid 2013, The Cigars Smoker chronicles the journey of a new smoker through the maze of Cuban and non-Cuban Cigars. One my favourite new blogs as it's very informative and gives us a view into the world of Cigars through the eyes of someone starting out.

Cigar Blogs - United States & Canada

Best Cigar Blog

Well-established online cigar retailer BestCigarPrices have their own blog where they cover Non-Cuban Cigars, including industry news,

Cuban Cigar Pairing Blog

Simon Robillard writes about the most suitable drinks to pair with a fine Cuban Cigar on his Cuban Cigar Pairing Blog - Sticks And Drinks site.

Updated almost daily, there's plenty of information here including reviews, hints, tips & what is happening around the world of Cigars on the Internet.

Cigar Blogs - Asia Pacific

Memorandum of Cigars

A regularly updated and in depth blog detailing the Cigars smoked by Ryoki, a Japanese brother of the leaf.

Cigar Review Sites

Cigar Inspector

I've been impressed with the content that Cigar Inspector have delivered consistently over the last few years. Reviewing both Cuban and Non-Cuban Cigars, Cigar Inspector is a must visit if you wish to keep up with what's smoking well in the world of Cigars.

Stogie Review

One of the first Cigar Review Sites on the Internet. Follow Jerry Cruz and Walt White's reviews with help from Brian and Mike.

Perfect Smoke

One of my favourite Cuban Cigar review sites, Perfect Smoke manages somehow to find some great rarities to smoke and review, including vintage Davidoff's, Regional Editions and discontinued Marquee.

Online Magazines

Cigar Advisor

Cigar Advisor

Cigar Advisor is an online cigar magazine that brings a fresh, irreverent, and down-to-earth perspective on all things cigars to thousands of smokers. In addition to educational cigar content and behind-the-scenes cigar industry articles from some of the business's top names, Cigar Advisor delivers an array of content about a variety of topics of interest to people who enjoy the cigar lifestyle.

YouTube Channels


Ajay Patel, the owner of the La Casa Del Habanos in the London district of Teddingdon, uses his YouTube Channel to review and showcase rare and limited edition Cuban Cigars.

Friends of Habanos

The most popular and in my humble the best Cigar YouTube channel. Follow Rob, Smithy and Ken from week to week, smoking new Cuban releases including Regional Editions, Limited Editions and Gran Reserva.

One of the best points of the Friends of Habanos YouTube video reviews is how informal they are. There's no doubt that the trio and their special guests are having a great time smoking great Cigars while drinking good amounts of Wine.



One of favourite YouTube channel's featuring Cigar reviews, Steve and Bill have a whale of a time smoking some interesting Cuban Cigars that have a little bit of age on them.

If you're into your Whiskey's and Real Ale, then you're into a triple treat as Bill and Steve do enjoy the odd tipple! They're Scottish after all!

Sautter Cigars

Sautter Cigars YouTube Channel

Sautter Cigars, the friendly and well respected cigar merchant in London have their own YouTube channel, with reviews of the latest cigars coming out of Cuba. Sit down and relax in the company of Laurence Davis, who will give you an honest opinion of the cigar he is smoking, along with some useful information regarding the world of the cigar connoisseur.


Montreal Cigar Club

Follow the Montreal Cigar Club, a group of Aficionados who regularly get together to enjoy a fine smoke.

Online Forums

UK Cigar Forums

International Cigar Club

Cigar Aficionado


Foro Puros

Sigar Platform


Pour Une Poingee De Cigares

Cigar Club Association

Canada Cigar Forum

James Suckling

The popular Wine journalist and ex-Cigar Aficionado European Editor has his own Forum where there is ongoing discussion regarding the world of Wine and Cuban Cigars.